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The Skill Tester

What Is This

A tool for unit-testing Alexa skills.

How It Works

Write tests in YAML, like this:

- test: "Sequence 01. Test scenario: launch request, no further interaction."
- LaunchRequest: # LaunchRequest is not an utterance but a request type and "reserved" word
  - response.outputSpeech.ssml: "Here's your fact"
  - response.card.type: "Simple"
  - response.card.title: "Space Facts"
  - response.card.content: "/.*/" # Regular expression indicating any text will match


Read our getting started guide here.

Learn about common use-cases here.

For more in-depth info, read the full specification

Current Support

  • [X] Multi-turn conversations
  • [X] Dialog Interface support
  • [X] AudioPlayer interface support
  • [X] Entity resolution
  • [X] Explicit intent and slot setting
  • [X] Wildcard support for non-regex expressions
  • [X] Support for setting address and permissions
  • [X] Explicit SessionEndedRequest
  • [X] Support for goto and flow control
  • [X] Support for testing dynamo
  • [X] Callbacks for filtering payloads programmatically
  • [X] Virtual device support


  • [ ] Much better documentation!


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